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A Guide to Wieliczka Salt Mine Entrances

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is located right in the city centre. It’s very well connected with Krakow Old Town via train, private car or bus. If you’re lost and looking for a way to walk to the gift shop or the Regis Shaft, we’re here to help you out!

Entrances to the Krakow Salt Mine

The museum has 2 entrances, complete with historical mineshaft lifts:

Daniłowicz Shaft

Salt Mines Krakow
Daniłowicz Shaft – Wieliczka Salt Mine Main Entrance

Daniłowicz Shaft is considered the main entry to Wieliczka Salt Mine as it is the starting point of the Tourist Route. It’s located on Daniłowicz Street, right behind St. Kinga’s Park. To get there from Wieliczka Mine Train Station, you just have to walk forward from the exit for around 3 minutes. It’s a large beige building with a part of the mineshaft tower sticking out of its roof.

Regis Shaft

Regis Shaft in Wieliczka is the entrance for the Miner's Route in Wieliczka Salt Mine tour.
Regis Shaft in Wieliczka

This historical mineshaft is located within Wieliczka’s Old Town, right up against Plac Kościuszki. Regis Shaft is also hard to miss – it’s a recently modernised, pink building with a black mineshaft tower on top of it.

Regis Shaft is the entrance to the Miners Route.

Visiting the Krakow Salt Mine

The Royal Salt Mine in Wieliczka is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Lesser Poland region. It’s a must-visit when on a city break to Krakow due to the close proximity to the city, stunning underground chambers and incredible structures carved in salt, such as the St. Kinga Chapel. In case you’re seeking more information, we made a comprehensive tourist guide of the Krakow Salt Mines just for you.

From the train station

If you’re at the Wieliczka Rynek Kopalnia Station, you’re just a few minutes away from the ticket booths. Simply go pass the road crossing onto Daniłowicza street and walk until you see the building with a mineshaft poking out to the right.

Entrance to Wieliczka Salt mine from the parking lots

There are 3 official Wieliczka Mine parking lots – one near the train station, one next to the Graduation Tower, and one next to Daniłowicz Shaft. Helpful signs are scattered around the area for easy access to the mines.

Of course, if you booked a private guided tour, you’ll be dropped off right next to the entrance and led by the Mine’s certified tour into the depths of the mine.

Using Private Tour & Transport

The best way to visit Krakow Salt Mines is by booking a direct, private tour from Krakow to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. With KrakowDirect, you can drive to the mine with a super comfortable Mercedes-Benz car or minibus. Get picked up directly from your hotel and dropped off next to the main entrance to Wieliczka Salt Mine. You can even redeem a free Evening Walking Tour of the Old Town on any day of your trip!

Finding the Salt Mine entrance ticket booth

In order to enter Wieliczka Salt Mine, you need entry tickets for a guided tour. Here are your options for visiting the mine:

On-site tickets

The main ticket booth will be right next to the main building, between Daniłowicz and Paderewski Shafts. There you should be able to buy spots for guided tours in Polish or English, though the queues may be a bit long during peak season.

Skip-the-line entry

For online ticket buyers, the ticket booth is located closer to the Daniłowicz Street, opposite the UNESCO World Heritage sign. If you’ve chosen Krakow Direct’s services, the tickets will be picked up by your pilot. That way you’ll be able to get into the mine in no time!

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