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Audio Art Festival 2022

Audio Art Festival 2022

Audio art is becoming more and more popular due to the technological progress allowing modern artists to deploy the materials that had not been available before. The annual Audio Art festival in Krakow has been inviting everyone with a passion for art to enjoy creativeness since 1993. This year is no exception.

Audio art – explore the experimental genre

If you have never come across the audio art genre but you are curious about postmodernist art, you might be willing to explore the genre that started evolving at the end of the XX century.

Audio art is a fusion of visual art and sounds combining the elements of an installation, concert and performance. Audio art projects are unifying the entire process of designing, creating and composing as the acts of the same artist, while the presentation of the art form quite often uses performance. The focus of this art genre is the source of the sound itself that acts as a musical instrument and the work of visual art at the same time.

While the task of the artists preferring the audio art genre does not seem simple, it is common for them to support their works with technology.

Audio Art Festival 2022 in Krakow

As the name of the festival suggests, it is dedicated to audio art, however, it also creates space for other artists working with sounds without actually adding the sound into the art forms. The Krakow festival of audio art is also the place to attend international conferences.

Audio Art Festival: time and location

This year, the festival starts on Friday, November 18 and lasts until Sunday, November 27.

The location of the festival events is already known. The Academy of Music in Krakow and Hevre, which has one of the popular stages for live music, are going to host most of the conferences and performances, while some of the performances and exhibitions will be taking place in Cricoteka. Wondering through the beautiful streets of Krakow while exploring the art events is itself a pleasurable part of the festival.

Festival guests

Audio Art Festival is going to have many guests from Poland and abroad.

Some of the Polish artists planning to participate in the festival are Sonia Kujawa with her project Small Machines and Monika Tomaszewska presenting Role Reversal. Both artists are working in Krakow. Michał Dębski from Płock is going to share his work BAS.PODCAST037, Robert Jędrzejewski from Warsaw will show the project titled Patkowski while Martyna Basta from Tarnów is inviting to explore her Circular Ritual.

The festival will host such foreign guests as Gert-Jan Prins from Amsterdam with his ALL-OUT, Madrid-based artist Alessandra Rombola with her Out of the Playground work, Parisian artists Alexandra Radulescu and Annabelle Playe with Krasis and many other creative minds from Israel, Germany, Spain, France and the USA.

Festival ticket prices

The prices for the tickets depend on the exact event you would like to attend. Many of the festival conferences including the meeting with Gert-Jan Prins, Allesandra Rombola, Pablo Sanz and Catherine Lamb are free of charge.

Some of the performances are planned with free entrance. One of them is the presentation of the art projects of Monika Tomaszewska, Gert-Jan Prins, Martyna Basta and Sonia Kujawa on Friday, November 18 will be open to visitors for free.

The prices for other art presentations vary starting from 25 PLN to 45 PLN. Discounts of 10 PLN per ticket are available.

Explore art and audio fusion in Krakow

Krakow has been attracting more and more talented people experimenting with sounds, music and visual arts. One of the most important event representing modern art in all of its shapes is the Unsound festival that starts on October, 9th and ends on October 16th.

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