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Wieliczka Salt Mine Tickets – Guided Tour Prices

Looking to get a full cost overview before booking your Wieliczka trip? Whether you’re a tourist wanting to visit Wieliczka on a budget, or someone looking to book a private group tour for a company or school, we’ll give you all the info on Wieliczka Salt Mine ticket prices, guided tours and skip the line access. Let’s get right into the numbers.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour prices

Wieliczka Salt Mine main ticket booth and entrance
Daniłowicz Shaft – this is where to get your tickets from

A 380 stair descent down into the marvelous Wieliczka Mine is waiting for you. Let’s review your options.

First of all, there are two primary routes for you to explore: the Tourist and Miners’ Routes. While they are completely different, the entrance fee is the same with both of them. Here are the Wieliczka tour ticket prices:

Standard Ticket – 134 PLN (or around 31 EUR as of May 2024)

Reduced Ticket – 112 PLN (around 26 EUR as of May 2024)

Family Ticket (2 adults + 2 children) – 402 PLN (around 94 EUR as of May 2024)

Tourist Route

Tourist Route starts at the Daniłowicz Shaft and takes you through all the most iconic chambers of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll see massive man made salt caves, underground lakes, chapels and chambers carved in salt and lots of unique sculptures and art. You’ll be accompanied by a professional guide who will tell you all about the history of the mine, as well as look after you during your stay underground.

Some of the most iconic chambers on the Tourist Route include: the Chapel of St. Kinga, Copernicus Chamber, Kunegunda Traverse and the Michałowice Chamber.

The ticket fee also includes entrance to the Krakow Salt Works Museum.

Miners Route

Would you like to experience a day in the life of a miner? The Miners’ Route takes place at the Regis Shaft where you’ll be moving across some of the oldest preserved chambers of the Salt Mine in Krakow. An expert guide will give you tasks related to salt extraction that will make you admire the people who worked here ages past. You’ll reach 135 meters below ground, making for an experience full of fun and adrenaline!

It’s important to note that this route is not available for children under the age of 10. 

How to get tickets to the Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine allows its customers to purchase entrance tickets in multiple places. Here are your best options for booking your underground excursion:

At the meeting point

There is a ticket book right next to the Daniłowicz Shaft building. However, depending on the time of year, the waiting times may be quite long.

Online Wieliczka trip tickets

Wieliczka Salt Mine Museum has an easy to use ticket purchasing panel on their website. However, it’s up to you to shop up at the meeting point at a specific time, and even besides that, you won’t always be guaranteed to get skip-the-line entrance. Though, you are going to skip the queue to the ticket office.

Premium tour operators

Do you want to free yourself of planning every single detail of your tour to the Wieliczka Salt Mine? Licensed tour operators, such as Krakow Direct, guarantee safe transportation with hotel pickup option with your tour included with the price. Since we book our own private guided tours, skip the line entry is also assured. All that in a single fee, with additional options to further customize your experience. For example, did you know we can organize a one day trip to Krakow Salt Mine and Auschwitz Museum?

Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine’s other attractions

Guided tours in different languages

Wieliczka Salt Mine offers tours in many European languages, such as German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian. However, the tickets will not be available on site since the tours do not happen every day. Also, the museum only offers Tourist Route group or individual tours in these languages.

Alternatively, you can contact us at Krakow Direct – we’re confident in our ability to arrange a group or individual tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine in almost any language of the world. Let’s get in touch and see how can we improve your Polish experience.

Krakow Saltworks Museum

While the primary location of the Salt Works Museum is at the Saltworks Castle in Wieliczka, there is also an underground exhibition in the mine. You’ll visit 17 additional chambers spanning over 1.5 km of galleries, filled with fun art pieces, genuine tools from the mine’s glory days, and interesting statues, depicting the miners’ life underground.

As mentioned, you’ll have the option to visit the Saltworks Museum at the mine in price of the default route. The entrance is right past the Michałowice Chamber.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Graduation Tower

Graduation Tower

We highly recommend a healing stay at the Graduation Tower, located in the St. Kinga’s Park, right over the tunnels. All visitors will enjoy great respiratory benefits, as well as relief from allergies and other civilisational illnesses.

An entry pass costs 7 PLN. A 5-entry pass can be bought for 30 PLN. The pass can be used by one person only and has to be used up in less than 30 days. 

Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort

Wieliczka Health Resort

Want to spend the night at an underground health resort? Now you can! Discover the healing benefits of sodium-enriched air found in the Wessel Chamber.

You can spend a full night of restorative sleep at the Eastern Mountains’ Stable Chamber for 170 PLN or spend 2,5 hours of daytime rehabilitation for 190 PLN.

Stays between 4-10 days cost 180 PLN per day per person, while if you stay for longer than 10 days, it will cost you only 165 PLN per day per person. Daily rehabilitation and exercise sessions are included in price.

Miner's Tavern in Budryka Chamber

Miners’ Tavern in Budryka Chamber

Food prices at “Karczma Górnicza” are very reasonable, here’s the rundown ( data from Wieliczka Salt Mine’s official website):

  • Appetisers cost between 17-23 PLN
  • Soups cost between 10-13 PLN
  • Main courses cost between 16-29 PLN
  • Desserts cost between 9-11 PLN
  • A serving of beer or wine (white or red) costs 9 PLN each
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