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Explore centuries-old Tyskie Brewery with KrakowDirect

Are you ready to discover Tyskie Brewery, its long history and tradition hidden in secret Tyskie beer recipes? Our Tyskie Brewery Tour is a journey to a centuries-old brewery.  It is now turned into a museum together with state-of-the-art brewery and packaging lines.

Our Tyskie Brewery Tour from Krakow takes approximately 5 hours. It includes a private Mercedes van or minibus and a friendly, English-speaking tour leader. We will pick you up directly from the door of your hotel in Krakow. We will set up the pickup time based on the hour You have requested and fit it into the entry time options to the Museum to make It as comfortable for You as possible.

The journey takes about  1 h 30 minutes each way. In Tyskie Brewery, there are regular/shared guided tours that you will join or private guided tours. In case You would like a private guide, contact us directly at least a few days prior to the tour. The regular guided tour in the Brewery takes approximately 1 h 30, and at the end of the visit, you have a chance to try fresh Tyskie beer straight from the brewery. After the tour, we will drop you off at your hotel in Krakow.

Important notice:

Your Pickup time will be provided to you once our customer service team proceeds with your booking but no later than 12 hours after Your order as we need to fit Your request to the Museum entrance availabilities. You will receive the Final Confirmation email with Your pickup time. Please check your mail inbox within this period.

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Tyskie Brewery Krakow Tours - further information

Tyskie Brewery Tour is an unforgettable journey to the 19th-century brewery. The historic part of brewery complex now houses a museum. It gathered impressive collection of objects from the past connected with beer. Outside, you will see huge original fermentation tanks. The oldest part of the brewery has been unchanged since 1905. You will also visit state-of-the-art packaging lines. Whether you are a history buff or simply like good quality beer and want to see the brewing process, Tyskie Brewery Tour will not disappoint you.

Tyskie beer museum

One of the attractions during our tour is a 3-D documentary film. It tells the story of Tyskie Brewery that dates back to the 16th century. In the museum you will see a historical exhibition. It comprises of old mugs, photographs, original technical equipment, etc. Also, you will have a chance to take a glance at the brewing process.

Tyskie Brewery is one of the most innovative breweries in Europe. packaging lines are working at an impressive speed of 60 thousand bottles per hour. After the tour visitors are treated with a mug of delicious Tyskie beer straight from the brewery. At the end of our tour you can take a stroll down the picturesque garden.

Our Tyskie Brewery Tour takes 5-6 hours, with about 1 hour one-way drive. In Tyskie Brewery you will join a guided tour organised by the museum. Guided tours are available in Polish, English, German, Italian, Czech and Russian. Times of guided tours vary depending on the language. Therefore, we suggest to set pick up time from your hotel in Krakow accordingly to the time of your guided tour. So, if your guided tour in English starts at 11:30 a.m., we will pick you up around 10 a.m. Thus, you will not waste time and be in Tyskie Brewery on time. Tickets must be reserved in advance with us. However, they are purchased already at the museum. Our driver will help you with that.

There are no restrictions regarding the amount of people on our tour. However, Tyskie Brewery only permits to enter visitors over 18 years old. This is legal drinking age in Poland.

Tyskie Brewery from Krakow

On our Tyskie Brewery Tour we provide private, comfortable car with English speaking driver at your disposal. We can arrange a lunch break on your way back, but we do not recommend it. As this tour does not take a full day, we can take you back to Krakow for lunch. We can arrange drop off directly to your hotel or anywhere in the city centre.

For your tour you can pay online while booking our services. It is also possible to pay in cash to the driver. We prefer payments in Polish zlotys. We do also accept Euros, Pounds and U. S. Dollars if needed. The amount in foreign currency is calculated accordingly to current exchange rate. Our driver gives change in Polish zlotys. Please bear in mind that our drivers do not carry credit card terminals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are open for your suggestions and willing to meet your needs.

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