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What to do in Krakow in January

What to do in Krakow in January

Krakow offers a lot of attractions available also in winter. Depending on your preferences, you can plan a very active day full of new experiences or take care of a quiet time full of rest and relaxation. The city is undoubtedly a very climatic place, so it is worth exploring its charms also in winter days. You can not go indifferently by the Christmas Market, which takes place on the Main Square. There is certainly something for everyone. Wooden stalls filled with handicrafts, leather clothes, in the air floating smell of grilled dishes or aromatic Galician mulled wine, will allow you to forget about everyday worries for a moment and surrender to the moment of joy. Certainly you can not get bored there. 

So what can Krakow offer its tourists in January?

The beginning of a new year is conducive to development and further plans. For this you also need rest. Take a look at what you can do in Krakow in January:

  • Cafes and restaurants – there are countless unusual cafes and excellent restaurants in Krakow, which offer the best dishes from cuisines from all over the world and an amazing atmosphere that is conducive to all social meetings, both business and family.

Interesting cultural events in January:

Zakopower Concert – during the concert of the band Zakopower, you will hear songs, in acoustic highlander performance (violins, Podhale basses, bagpipes) will be mixed with modern ones. The concert will take place on January 8 at 19:00.

National Theatre of Kyiv Operetta – performance. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the whole kaleidoscope of classical and popular music performed by artists of the National Theatre of Kyiv Operetta. From the planet Operetta comes the most famous love duet in the whole cosmos – “Mouth is silent, soul is singing”. The performance will take place on 03.01 at 19:00.

Visual Concert – Concert of Film and Epic Music – 29 January 2022, at 18:00. Visual Concert – a concert of film and epic music with a film projection of the most beautiful places in the world, is an extraordinary multimedia-musical show, which has already visited the biggest Polish cities, filling to the brim all the places in their arenas. Now the time has come to Krakow.

Franchise Fair Krakow – find your business idea. Be inspired by over 100 proven ideas for your own business. Targo gives you an opportunity to establish cooperation with experienced partners. Fair will take place in EXPO Krakow, on 29-30.01.2022 from 10:00 am.

  • Museums – for fans of culture and art, museums are a great option. Some of them offer temporary exhibitions, so even if you have already been to a particular museum several months ago, it will surely surprise you with a new exposition. It’s worth following the official websites of Krakow’s museums and choosing the one that interests you the most.

Online winter camp in Nowy Teatr – One of the propositions for the youngest to spend time during winter holidays is an online winter camp in Nowy Teatr. During this event children will be able to participate in a multimedia concert “The Sea”, “Indians”, and “Peter Pan”. Online classes are also an interesting proposition: “Workshop from dreaming – dream your world”, term from 7 to 9 January.

“Ferie z Muzeum” online: Mysteries of the Museum – what you don’t know about our collections. Mysteries of the Museum – what you don’t know about our collections, organised by the National Museum of Agriculture and Agro-Food Industry in Szreniawa. Curiosities that can be learned during the planned classes will be of interest both to children and youth. The meetings will be held on working days from 4 to 15 January 2021.

Wawel Royal Castle – one of the seven royal residences, which from 4 to 17 January invites you to take a virtual tour, but also other attractions available via the Internet, including vocal workshops invited by Piotr Rubik, webinars, performances, films and competitions with prizes.

  • Studio cinemas – an unusual proposal are small, non-commercial cinemas, where one may watch films which are not displayed in network cinemas. It even happens that films are shown only for 2 people. A private movie screening is certainly an incredible attraction!

Interesting movie premieres in January:

Crime comedy – King’s Man: First Mission – January 5

Comedy – (Not) happily ever after – January 14

Horror – Scream – January 14

Children’s – Monstrous Family 2 – January 21


  • Ice skating – winter sports is an idea that has no limits. For a fan of snow and good fun, there is always something to do. We’re not talking about extreme skiing, but even snowball battles on the nearby Błonie or ice skating. The city has several ice rinks to offer. In the Jordan Park, by Krakowskie Błonia, there is the biggest ice rink in Poland. It’s divided into 3 zones: a large ice rink, a rink for children, and an ice alley.


  • Krakow Aquapark – However, if we prefer summer attractions, it’s worth thinking about a visit to Krakow’s Aquapark. Exotic palm trees, a rushing river, plenty of extreme slides are just some attractions you can find there. In addition to water activities you can also use the climbing walls and saunarium or gym.
  • The local zoo invites families with children to an intimate tour with educators. During the tour, participants will learn about animals that are not afraid of winter, as well as winter masters of camouflage”. Of course, this is also a great opportunity to walk and spend time outdoors, in the heart of Wolski Forest. After observing the animals, you can make your own interpretations from the snow.
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