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Promoting local products – a Christmas fair of regional delicacies and handicrafts

Promoting local products – a Christmas fair of regional delicacies and handicrafts

 All you require are real local and regional products, prepared according to traditional recipes of our ancestors, nice, hand-made Christmas decorations, nice small gifts for family, friends and acquaintances, handicrafts and folk art, and finally, something warm to warm up your hands and taste the fair flavors – oscypek with cranberry, bread with homemade lard and cucumber or pies with borscht. The best Galician mulled wine is served for adults! No wonder that every year the fair is besieged by thousands of passers-by and tourists.


Winter in Małopolska has a taste of sauerkraut, honey, vegetable soup and hot beets.

During winter, we tend to choose dishes that warm-up and strengthen our immunity. Among the products that are usually served at such fairs, you will find real cheeses, traditional cold cuts, as well as fresh eggs, smoked fish, honey, pressed juices, traditionally baked bread, vegetables and fruits. These products come only from local and reliable suppliers.


Christmas Market on the Main Market Square in Krakow


Cracovian Christmas Market attracts crowds of people every year. It is not without reason that the 2019 Krakow fair was included in the prestigious CNN list – the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. In addition to unusual Christmas decorations, traditionally you will also find there a lot of delicacies – both local, regional, as well as various variations of dishes from world cuisine. For your loved ones you can buy Christmas socks, hats and gloves, hand-painted baubles or wooden, carved Christmas tree hangers. For fans of sweets, the exhibitions offer homemade gingerbread, Cracovian cookies, candies by weight or Spanish churros with melting chocolate.

From the more expensive, more unique items, it is worth paying attention to handmade jewelry, leather handbags or beautifully decorated candles. With such an assortment, you will certainly choose something for yourself.


This year the fair will last from November 26th to January 2nd. The City of Krakow invites you!

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