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Krakow Unsound 2022

Krakow Unsound 2022

Music is one of the most dynamically evolving art forms. Going beyond the boundaries of well-established genres can produce truly innovative and mind-blowing shapes. Unsound 2022, one of the most significant Polish festivals is a laboratory used for presentation of the meticulous music experimentation of the most innovative musicians from all over the world.

Unsound 2022 programme

One of the major Unsound events is going to be the concert filled with unexpected pop fusion of Caroline Polachek and Marina Herlop on 14th October. While the tickets for the event are sold separately, if you choose to get a festival pass, the entrance to this concert will be included.

One of the important festival guests is the new Osmium band. Its crucial feature is unique musical instruments, which you will not be able to hear anywhere else. Senyawa’s Rully Shabara will perform as the band’s vocalist alongside with James Ginzburg, Sam Slater and Hildur Guðnadóttir.

The festival is going to present the premiere of Ergo Death, which is a special project of Aho Ssan, an artist from France and Resina, a Polish musician and composer who have got inspired by the intrinsic and unearthly sounds of Unsound and have created something tremendous to present specifically during the festival.

Merging arts of Unsound

This year, the festival will see many other collaborations of artists and musicians. Unsound also promotes all sorts of ingenuity and art. One of the best examples of such a festival’s policy is the music created by exclusive wind instruments engineered using the design of double reeds and typical Carpathian flutes and manufactured with 3D-printing. These instruments will be presented by the Vitriolum project of Wojciech Rusin and Spółdzielnia Contemporary Ensemble.

During the daytime, Unsound has a discourse programme filled with conferences, book presentations, listening sessions, exhibitions and discussions. Don’t forget to observe the Krakow’s street art while exploring the festival!

Unsound 2022 is coming soon

Unsound is one of the largest music festivals in Poland and definitely one the most favourite events of the fans of contemporary music. It seems that many of the Unsound participants are getting their inspiration straight from the future deciphering mysterious signals and rearranging them into music.

This year Unsound Krakow 2022 starts on October 9th and ends on October 16th. Make sure you get the tickets for the events you are interested in since the sale has already been on since the 1st of July.

Festival’s location

When Unsound was established in Krakow in 2003, it occupied Hotel Forum, which became the festival’s residence for a couple of years. With the growth of the popularity of this musical event, it does not fit the hotel space anymore and this year its administration is preparing something truly unique to surprise the guests.

Knowing the history of Unsound, you can indeed expect the location to be something truly unbelievable. The ephemeral shape of ever-changing sound and related visual arts explored during the festival has been spreading to more and more countries around the world leaving its traces in London, Toronto, Adelaide, New York, Tbilisi and Minsk. Furthermore, in 2015 Unsound merged its power with the Luminato Festival in June 2015 arranging the first space public event in Hearn Power Station in Toronto.

Do not miss the next stop of the Unsound journey through the time-space continuum!

Unsound 2022 festival prices

As it has been mentioned, it is possible to purchase separate tickets for the show hosted by Marina Herlop and Caroline Polachek. The ticket price is 145 PLN.

There are two types of passes available, which already include this concert. The first one is for the entire festival week offered for 650 PLN and the other one is suggested for the long weekend for the price of 560 PLN.

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