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Kraków Live Festival 2022

Kraków Live Festival 2022

There is no culture without music. And to hear one of the most relevant artists of today play in one of the most historically significant cities in eastern Europe is the epitome of true cultural experience. Sounds interesting? All of that is waiting for you at Krakow Live Festival 2022. 

What is the Kraków Live Festival?

Krakow Live Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Poland. This two-day celebration of music has been gathering the most it-artists since 2006. For the first seven years, the event was organized by Coca-Cola under the name of Coke Live Music Festival. In 2013, however, Coca-Cola backed down and two years later the festival emerged with a new name and a new sponsor – the city of Krakow.  What remained, though, was the incredible music and atmosphere that attracts people from all over Europe. With many world-famous headliners, such as Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Jay-Z or Kanye West, the Krakow Live Festival has been gaining a lot of fans and recognition as one of the top music festivals in Europe.

Kraków Live Festival 2022 – Who Will Perform?

Do you want to taste a bit of the Festival’s magic? This year’s headliners certainly won’t disappoint! The line-up is filled with household names. Among them, you’ll find artists as popular and critically-acclaimed as Halsey, Ava Max, and Lewis Capaldi. The hip-hop part, which Kraków Live Festival is known for, will be covered by Future and many Polish rappers, such as Taco Hemingway, Kinny Zimmer, Jan Rapowanie or White 2115. Other performers include popular Polish singer – Julia Wieniawa, a rising UK pop-star – Mimi Webb, and indie-funk Australian band – the Parcels

Where Will Kraków Live Festival 2022 Take Place?

The location of the Kraków Live Festival changes depending on the year, but most of the editions were held on the grounds of the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków. This year will be no different. And it’s great news for everybody who enjoys not only music, but amazing architecture and interesting sites as well. The Polish Aviation Museum consists of over 200 aircrafts spread around on its spacious territory. Some of them are held in the grand building, but others are located outside, in the surrounding area of green. It is the perfect location for concerts, festivals and parties. Vast, open, secluded – it allows festival-goers to truly immerse themselves in the music. What’s more, the Polish Aviation Museum is very well connected to the city center. Want to grab a drink or hit the town after an amazing night of music? The Main Square or Kazimierz is just 20-30 minutes away! 

Kraków Live Festival 2022 – Practical Information

Kraków Live Festival 2022 will take place from August 19th till August 20th. The first concert starts as early as 6 p.m. and the last is scheduled for half past midnight. Artists are going to perform on two stages – the Main Stage and the Kraków Stage. Information regarding who will play where is available at There are currently no mandatory restrictions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. To get to the Polish Aviation Museum, you can take a bus or a tram car and get off at Muzeum Lotnictwa. There are fairly many lines traveling by that route – especially if you’re coming from the city center.  

Kraków Live Festival 2022 is an event for everybody who enjoys good music, socializing, and great fun. With amazing headliners and intriguing location, it will provide you with unforgettable experiences and great memories. If you’re a fan of music, check out the 27 Summer Jazz Festival as well!

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