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27th Summer Jazz Festival Kraków

27th Summer Jazz Festival Kraków

Are you a fan of jazz? Or maybe just looking for a way to spend an unforgettable night in Krakow? There are many reasons to participate in the local Summer Jazz Festival – regardless of your interests and music preferences. With its vibrant atmosphere and plenty of positivity to give around, the festival is one of the most highly regarded musical events in Poland.

About Summer Jazz Festival Kraków

The Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow is an annual celebration of jazz music organized by one of the most renowned clubs in the entire country, ‘Piwnica pod Baranami’. Every edition is a true celebration of Polish jazz musicians from different generations. This year marks its 26th anniversary, which means 26 years of amazing performances, incredible experiences, and remembering some of the prominent names in the history of jazz music. As we can read on the festival’s official website, each year Summer Jazz presents around 60 concerts with more than 300 artists from all over Europe and approximately 40 000 spectators. Apart from the main events held at ‘Piwnica pod Baranami’, the festival presents many additional gatherings at the most important cultural places in Krakow. 

Summer Jazz Festival – Tribute to Jimi Hendrix and the Youth of Polish Jazz

The 27th Summer Jazz Festival has already begun on the 25th of June. Among many artists who performed were Polish jazz legends such as: Stanisław Soyka, Marek Napiórkowski, Adam Makowicz, and Hanna Banaszak. The foreign world-class jazz musicians were represented proudly by Al Di Meola, Paolo Fresu, and Kenny Garret. Right now, the 27th Summer Jazz Festival is coming to an end, with only a couple of scheduled performances left. Fear not, though, because they are shaping up to be amazing ones. 

First we have a Solo Piano week, which will feature young and promising Polish jazz musicians, such as Aga Derlak, Wojciech Niedziela, Mateusz Pałka, Kuba Płużek, and Piotr Wyleżoł. The Solo Piano week will last from August 22nd to August 29th and will take place at Krakow’s Philharmonics. Then comes the last main concert of the festival – a tribute to Jimi Hendrix by Nigel Kennedy and Mike Stern. Both known for their talent, technical skills, and willingness to cross boundaries, the musicians are sure to do right by the great Jimi Hendrix and make his music come alive in front of Krakow audience. The charismatic duo will be playing on 31st of August in the Auditorium Maximum.

Why Should You Take Part in the Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow?

The 27th Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow has already proven itself to be a vibrant and fascinating event. With over 100 concerts spread around a two-month span, Summer Jazz has been bringing people the best of what jazz music has to offer. Aside from the famous ‘Piwnica pod Baranami’, the concerts were also held at Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Krakow’s Opera, Manggha Museum, and Krakow’s Philharmonics. All of those places provided astoundingly beautiful backgrounds and allowed participants to fully experience the spirit of Krakow’s culture  (if you want to see them on some other day, check out our walking tours!). The events were enjoyed by musicians, jazz lovers, and people who don’t know much about jazz as well. They were great proof that music really does bring people together and you don’t have to be a professional to appreciate its beauty.

The Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow is known for its famous headliners and incredible energy. It is one of the most interesting cultural events in Krakow. Do you want to get a taste of its amazing atmosphere? You still have the chance to do so! Check out more info at https://www.cracjazz.com.

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