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Krakow Fashion Week 2022

Krakow Fashion Week 2022


The Krakow Fashion Awards Gala includes the presentation of all graduation diploma works by SAPU students, amazing eco-fashion shows, exhibitions of trends and styles from the past, and specialized fashion photography. The entire program and the accompanying lectures and workshops are events that will be the highlights of this year’s Krakow Fashion Week. Although Krakow itself is not yet known on the world fashion scene or associated with it as a fashion city, this very city will once again become the fashion capital of Europe for an entire week, bringing its profession and shows up to par with international fashion standards. The Krakow Fashion Week 2022 will last from 19 to 27 March. It will begin already on Saturday, 19 March, with an occasional diploma show of the School of Fashion Design SAPU. This year’s Krakow Fashion Week will also be a great opportunity for young talents to take part in a competition for designers from Poland and abroad. 


The final show of this year’s gala

As every year, the highlight of the event for fashionistas is the Krakow Fashion Awards gala and its final show. It will take place on 19.03 at 7 p.m. in ICE Krakow. This year, the event will be accompanied by a fundraising event for children from Ukraine, organized in cooperation with Caritas, due to the circumstances that are known to everyone.

On the catwalk of Krakow Fashion Week 2022 you will also have an opportunity to see extraordinary models who will make their debut during a charity show called “Redesigned”. At that time, models will play the role of not only professionals, but also people from the world of business and art. You will be able to watch the whole event on 14.03, at 20.00 in Park Inn by Radisson.

It’s also worth checking out the local restaurants and cafes, where the owners will be happy to welcome and host fashion enthusiasts, offering coffee from all over the world or home-made cakes. Most catering establishments also run collections and allocate donations from their income to help Ukraine.


The fashion trend is also ecological!

A regular feature of the Cracow Fashion Week programs are ecological fashion shows created from recycled materials by first-year SAPU students. This year, it will not be absent either, as young designers will present their zero waste collections on the catwalk at the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre at the end of this year’s Fashion Week.



Fashion Week and support for Ukraine

With fashion and people’s growing awareness of ecological issues, fashion shows created from recycled materials in the spirit of ecological fashion have become a regular feature of the Cracow Fashion Week programs. These are the works of first-year students from SAPU. This year, young designers will present zero waste collections on the catwalk. This will take place at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center at the end of this year’s Fashion Week event.


It is also worth taking part in organized workshops that aim to promote what is most important today. In addition, they are completely free of charge. Due to the current situation in the East, the program of accompanying events also includes special actions, all proceeds from which will be allocated to financial support for Ukraine. On Saturday, March 26, at 4 pm, a special concert dedicated to this event will be held at the Cultural Center in Nowa Huta, and on Sunday, a fashion show of Polish and Ukrainian children will take place. 

We invite you to visit the picturesque capital of Malopolska during your stay in Krakow. You can see more about it here:


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