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10 ideas how to make the winter holidays in Krakow more attractive for children

10 ideas how to make the winter holidays in Krakow more attractive for children

Half-term camps

If your child is not ready to go to a winter camp on their own, and you can’t afford a family trip to the mountains, the ideal solution is to enroll the child in an organized half-school. In this way, the child will gain independence, and at the same time will spend time actively, in a fascinating way, with other children.
The organizers of half-schools in Krakow offer many different attractions for children – from sports exercises, through chess lessons, to first aid courses. They also provide full care under the supervision of animators. The variety of activities supports the physical and mental development of children, and effectively eliminates boredom. Half-schools are also a great opportunity to meet other children and make real friends. There are many centers in Krakow that organize half-schools for children and teenagers. It is worth remembering that there are discounts for siblings.

Ice rinks

Ice skating is great fun for both children and adults. Your children can discover a passion for sports, such as field hockey or figure skating. And remember, any activity is good!
When the weather is good, you can take your child to an open-air ice rink to spend some time outdoors. Krakow can also boast a wide range of indoor ice rinks, which operate regardless of weather conditions – one of the most popular places is the Cracovia ice rink.
A wonderful place to meet friends on ice is also the ice rink located in Jordan Park. Illuminated with colorful lights, not far from aromatic cafés. You can not dream of a better evening.

Thematic events

Who said that spending the winter holidays at home has to be boring? All you have to do is plan it well. A great idea is to organize a home party for your child and his friends. Due to the prevailing cold season, you should choose winter themes and delicious warm snacks.
Try to plan all the activities, sets of unique games, and activities with the theme. Take care also of appropriate decorations, which will introduce children to the right atmosphere of the party. In the case of winter theme, the best will be all decorations related to snow and ice, such as snowflakes, stars, snowmen.

Swimming pool

An excellent proposal for holidays for all children, but also for adults. Swimming is one of the best exercise suggestions for fun and healthy movement. Going to a swimming pool is a great option regardless of the weather – indoor swimming pools operate all year round. Krakow’s Aqua park or city swimming pools offer many water attractions in one place. Slides, jacuzzi, water spouts, and other interesting things that give the youngest lots of fun. Staying at the pool can be fun, even if your child can’t swim well yet.
In addition to being great fun, swimming has many health benefits. The benefits of spending time in the pool are well known – supporting the respiratory system or correcting posture defects. And besides, it’s worth it for your kid to learn to swim well and enjoy the water.

Performances and concerts

Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer… These are only a few proposals from the rich offer of shows for the youngest spectators, staged in Krakow theaters.


Familiarizing children with this type of culture is a good way to make them interested in art, show them the world of theater, and awaken their love for books and literature. The performances are staged by the best Krakow theaters, such as Groteska or Bagatela Theater, therefore the quality of the prepared performances is at the highest level.
What is more, Krakow also organizes special concerts for children. For many years, the Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic has been preparing special musical events for the youngest audience. Thanks to participation in performances and concerts, children get a great chance to discover and develop their acting or musical skills. Your child can become a part of one of the city’s artistic groups and develop its talent from an early age.


A visit to a museum is usually associated by children with boredom and a waste of time. However, it does not have to be like that! More and more often, cultural institutions rely on young audiences to interest them in history and science.

In Krakow, there are so many interesting art places that it is almost “art” to be bored there. One of the most interesting museums located in Krakow is the Museum of Urban Engineering, which offers a variety of exhibitions: in addition to an exhibition on Krakow’s printing industry, there is a gallery presenting automotive themes. An extremely fascinating sector of the museum is the temporary exhibition “Game Start/ Over” presenting computer sets from the 1980s and 1990s. Children can see how the equipment looked like in those years, and parents can reminisce the years of childhood and youth.

Balls for children and teenagers

If you do not have time or space to prepare a party at home, take your child to the ball. In many Polish cities, including Krakow, there are organized fancy dress balls, which are very popular among children.
Balls are great entertainment for everyone who likes dancing and dressing up. Provide your child with an original costume, which will also correspond to his interests. During such parties, there are many games with prizes, but the highlight of every ball is, of course, the contest for the best disguise.

Workshops and other themed activities

Holidays are a time of rest from school duties, which does not mean that children can not learn interesting things. On the contrary, they will finally have more time to take full interest in developing their passion or just spending time with friends.
Thematic classes are an ideal opportunity for a child to broaden his horizons, develop his passions, or discover new interests. In Krakow there are many centers offering various workshops: sports, music, art, language, photography, dance, mathematics.

Sleigh Ride in the Ojców National Park

Although the sleigh ride is not a city attraction, it is a nice element of every winter holiday. Fortunately, these winter attractions are usually organized near cities – in the case of Krakow such a place is Ojców.
It is a good idea to plan a group sleigh ride for both children and their parents. Children can then spend time with their friends, a ride in a sleigh harnessed to a pair of horses is a great opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Malopolska Region, and at the end fry sausages on a bonfire or organize a snowball fight.
Talking and singing to the accompaniment of a guitar can be a wonderful ending to a day full of experiences.

Krakow’s amusement parks

An ideal place for active children, who don’t like to sit still and are looking for new experiences. Amusement parks offer a lot of attractions for both young children and teenagers. Your kid can spend time actively while gaining new skills and experiences.
In Krakow there is GoJump Park – the biggest trampoline park. In the rich offer of this amusement center, you can find a pool with sponges, a bumper court or a mega-trampoline.
In the park, you can also organize a birthday party under the supervision of experienced instructors.

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