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Energylandia – all you need to know

Have you already seen the biggest amusement park in Poland? If not, don’t wait as the season 2019 has already started! Check what are the best attractions in Energylandia, how to get there and how much does it costs.

Although there are plenty places to visit and fun things to do in Krakow, there are some in its suburbs as well. Energylandia Theme Park evolves and expands its area each year. It already has plenty of amazing attractions located within the area of 26 ha! Yet, there are still new innovative objects under construction. Is it worth to go there while visiting Krakow? Definitely!

Energylandia Zones

    1. Extreme Zone: Most exciting part of the park – only for brave ones! It’s a zone, where Hyperion, the FASTEST and the HIGHEST roller coaster in Europe, is located. Due to this huge object, Energylandia is visible from the distance. Beside Hyperion, there are 9 other extreme attractions in Extreme zone. It includes:

      Formula, the Mayan, Space Booster, Aztec Swing , Space Gun, Speed, Apocalypto, Tsunami Drop.

      Energylandia Zone - Extreme zoneEnergylandia Zator - waterzoneEnergylandia Zator - Extreme ZoneEnergylandia Zator - Extreme Zone

    2. Family Zone: It’s perfect for the whole family, no matter of the age of its members. Two generations can have fun and integrate due to numerous attractions in the Zone. One will find there:

      RFM Dragon, Formula Autodrom, Mars, The Planes, Frutti Loop, Splash Battles, Atlantis, Planetarium, Viking Ride, Jungle Adventure, Boomerang, Swiss Water Cups, Monster Attack, Toffiefee Goldmine, Viking Village, Anaconda, Swiss Village.

      Energylandia - Family ZoneEnergylandia - Family ZoneEnergylandia - Family ZoneEnergylandia - Family Zone

    3. Little Kids Zone: A zone dedicated for those still too young for Hyperion. It’s a fairy-tale world inhabited by heroes from beloved children’s’ stories. The magic of the place is created by:

      9 carousels, 2 coasters, Trains, Boats, Bumper cars, Jeep, Ships, Crazy Buses or Arctic Slide.

      Energylandia - Little Kids ZoneEnergylandia - Little Kids ZoneEnergylandia - Little Kids Zone Energylandia - Little kids zone

      1. Water Zone: Dedicated for those who misses holidays by the sea. After having fun in three other zones, it’s a perfect place to cool out in the refreshing water. What’s more, Water Park Zone resembles a tropical island with:

      3 heated swimming pools, beach umbrellas and delicious drinks in bar.

               For more active one, there are:

      7 crazy water slides including Tiki Ride, Exotic Fun, Tropical Splash and Kamikadze Slide.

      Energylandia - Water ZoneEnergylandia - Water Zone Energylandia - Water Zone

That’s not the end of attractions! There are also: 20 interactive games, 7D cinema, two theaters, two amphitheaters and numerous souvenir shops.

Energylandia - Coloseo TheatreEnergylandia - Souvenirs Shops

What’s more, one can find different restaurants, ice creams booths, fast foods and cafes all over the area.


Tickets to Energylandia

One of the most attracting features of Energylandia, it that one ticked entitles you to use all attractions with no limits! There are several options to choose.

  • 1-day Regular Ticket (1 day) – 119 PLN
  • 1-day Reduced Ticket (2 day) – 69 PLN
  • 2-days Regular Ticket – 219 PLN
  • 2-days Reduced Ticket – 119 PLN
  • 1 year Regular Ticket – 359 PLN
  • 1 year Reduced Ticket – 209 PLN

There are also special discounts to enter Energylandia Park for:

  • Kids up to 3 years – 1 PLN
  • Birthday people – 1 PLN
  • Disabled people under the age of 12 – 69 PLN
  • Disabled people over the age of 12 – 49 PLN
  • Seniors (+65) – 69 PLN
  • Pregnant Women – 69 PLN
  • Bride and Groom (with photo session) – 1 PLN

How to get to Energylandia

It is located in Zator, not far from Krakow, Katowice, Oświęcim or Wadowice (only 17 km). The most popular tours to Energylandia are from Krakow. Private or group tours are available throughout the whole season. The ride from Krakow lasts for no more than 45 minutes. Additionally, the road leads through the picturesque landscape of Małopolska Voivodeship.

If you travel to Energylandia by your private car, don’t worry about finding a parking lot. Huge car parks can host few thousands cars. What’s more, they are located right in front of the entrance.

There are also public buses departing from Krakow main station few times a day.

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