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Wianki – Festival of Music in Krakow!

Wianki – Festival of Music in Krakow!

Wianki meanings

Wianki in Krakow - a garland
Wianki in Krakow – a garland

Wianki literally means “garlands” and that’s why during the celebrations everybody should decorate their heads with beautiful flowers. There will be ,any stalls with garlands to buy for sure. However, you can also make it  on your own! All you need are favorite flowers and a little help from an experienced garland maker.

Tradition of Wianki in Krakow exists in current form since 1992. It’s officially called  Festival of Music which have origins in french tradition of Fête de la Musique. The best performers of polish scene come to Krakow and entertain crowds from different scenes in the city.  

Wianki in Krakow at Vistula river

Amazing concerts and many more

Beside epic concerts, this year’s edition was enriched by unique events such:

  • Grand yoga lesson – surpassing the Guinness Record with the biggest number of yoga participants!
  • Garland workshops – learn from professionals and make your own, dreamy garland.
  • The best Garland competition – hundreds of participants tried their hand at creating the best garland in the city.
  • Old fashioned party with Dancing Small Orchestra. 
  • Grand fireworks show.

Additionally, there were numerous parties in the best clubs in the city. Many got carried away and celebrated Wianki all night long! 

Mass yoga lesson during Wianki in Krakow


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