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Mastercard Off Camera 2022 Festival

Mastercard Off Camera 2022 Festival

Record-breaking prizes and the natural promotion of independent cinema create an individual atmosphere and distinguish the event from other festivals of this kind in the world. This year, the spotlight of Off Camera invites the guests to meet and celebrate together the international festival of the Feast of Cinema. This is already the 15th edition of Mastercard OFF CAMERA. This event is a great challenge for the organizers, energy of the creators and joy of the audience, mainly returning to the cinemas. 

Off Camera Festival in Krakow from April 29 to May 8

As every year, you will have the opportunity to see the best auteur films from all over the world, listen to fascinating talks with the authors, learn the answers to your questions, which hit the nail on the head, and open new threads of the world cinema. All, of course, in the spirit of the ultimate return to cinemas. The guides who will accompany you during the entire edition on your journey through the contemporary world of films will be directors who not only focus on strong cinema but are not afraid of artistic experiments either. The magic of the big screen returns after a long break caused by a pandemic, and it is a great pleasure to invite all cinephiles and artists!

Workshops and other activities

During the festival various artistic workshops are organized, lectures are conducted by thematic experts, discussion panels for those willing – connected not only with the screened films, but also with the given sections of industry meetings. Many well-known directors come to Krakow to meet the audience and present their works at the Mastercard Off Camera festival. For years, the screenings have taken place in small studio cinemas, in quite an intimate atmosphere, referring to the tradition of the old debating film clubs, which, unfortunately, due to the advancement of technology, the Internet and other platforms providing access to cinema films online, are being forgotten nowadays.


For those interested in this topic, we recommend a tour of the city in the footsteps of filmmakers and films on a global scale. Many places in this city have found their role in filmmaking. You can read more about it here:

OFF Camera Foundation

The Foundation is one of the main organizers of the International Festival of Independent Cinema Mastercard OFF Camera. Since its inception, it has been supporting independent cinema and all its creators, providing opportunities for young filmmakers to create their first works in the film industry. Within Mastercard OFF CAMERA festival, every year the foundation co-creates the competition for amateurs in the film industry #63PL, but also the competition for young scriptwriters called SCRIPT PRO or a series of meetings for people from the industry PRO INDUSTRY and SERIALCON.

Mastercard Off Camera PRO INDUSTRY 

Off Camera PRO INDUSTRY is a specific industry meeting at the highest level of European schools. For three days (4-6 May 2022) the capital of Malopolska will host all the experts, both from Poland and abroad, creators and producers, who faithfully create contemporary and past art of filmmaking. It is a series of co-production meetings, inspiring lectures and workshops where the most important issues for the film world are discussed. As the organizers reveal, this year the main point of the program will be the developing market of literary adaptations and how useful case studies of the latest Polish films are. Soon you will be able to apply to become their participant.

Off camera volunteering

Volunteering at Mastercard OFF CAMERA gives you the opportunity to actively co-create this prestigious event on a global scale. It is an unusual and challenging experience thanks to which you will get to know the functioning of the film festival from behind the scenes. By signing up as a volunteer, you are guaranteed to gain unusual work experience that can enrich your CV or deepen your own interests, or you can even try yourself at something completely new!

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