Holidays in Poland- time for Shrovetide and carnival in Poland.
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Holidays in Poland- time for traditional Shrovetide!

Holidays in Poland- time for traditional Shrovetide!

Shrovetide is the Christian period of preparation before the beginning of the liturgical season of Lent. Traditionally, people say goodbye to entertainment for one month. But before fast it’s time to have fun one more time! Let’s check those occasional holidays in Poland. 23.02 Poles celebrate Fat Thursday. It’s a day of Angel wings and donuts. Traditionally you should eat something fat, because later on Christians were eating dietetic food only. All the pastry shops have apogee of clients this day.


Carnival in Poland- what to expect?

According to one superstition, if someone on Fat Thursday will not eat a single donuts, then later the year  won’t be propitious. Fat Thursday begins the last week of Carnival. In Poland and  according to tradition, on this day it is allowed to overeat. It’s worth to stay in the queue to buy fresh, delicious donuts. You can choose the filling and the glaze. All in all, who would rick bad luck, if you can prevent it in such a nice way?

Then comes the last Saturday of Carnival. Since it’s the last Saturday ( at least in theory) to party, nightlife in Krakow becomes crazy. Promoters are tempting with attractive prices of popular drinks. Clubs in Krakow are competing with each other, who will gather more partygoers.  Don’t be surprised to get free donuts in the clubs! It’s time to (temporarily) say good bye to boisterous nightlife.

Nightlife in Krakow- goodbye for the Lent period

The last day before the Lent is Shrove Tuesday. Traditionally it’s the time to listen to loud music, dance and joy. Next day some people will bend their heads to be sprinkled with ashes. That’s a humility sign. The most popular carnival is carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It has its roots in the Portuguese-Catholic tradition. Within the years it mixed with autochthon’s and African’s culture. Nowadays it’s colorful, loud parade of masqueraders and musicians. It takes five days and finishes early in the morning of Ash Wenesday. 

If you will visit Krakow in this period- lucky you. Party animals will enjoy clubs in Krakow. Gourmets and amateurs of donuts will be waiting in the queues for a sweet award. It’s a carnival in Poland. So take comfortable shoes and enjoy!

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