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Autumn festivals in Krakow- history strikes!

Autumn festivals in Krakow- history strikes!

Some festivals in Krakow are organized to promote certain districts. It’s the best way to learn interesting things about this areas. Every year Podgorze Community Center invites everyone. Dare  to participate in their biggest event! It’s called  Podgorska Jesien Kulturalna which means Cultural Autumn in Podgorze.

First of all, it’s a series of exhibitions, concerts, outdoor events and performances.  In addition, expect famous bands and singers, who will sweeten this event. Everyone will find something for themselves. Children can participate in outdoor activities. Or, in open art, craft, recreation, dance, and music workshops.

You can also expect multimedia performances, poetry readings, shows. Furthermore you can expect meetings with artists. While first  leaves are falling down… It’s time to participate in interesting events! The best thing is that almost all of them are free of charge.  

Festivals in Krakow that will never bore you

Autumn depression? No way! Since you already have an idea what to do… Just check how many Krakow attractions are waiting for you in September. Isn’t it fun to take part in family picnic? Tasting of delicious food? And watch exhibitions of children’s pieces of art? Seems like autumn won’t be boring in Krakow!

How to get there?

You should get out in the stop Korona. You can get there by trams number 13,8,23. The adress of Dom Kultury Podgorze is Sokolska Street 13. 

Another option is to look for Krakow taxi. The cost of the taxi from the Main Square will be around 4 euros.  In public transport one way ticket costs around 1 euro. Don’t forget to check, whether you and your companions deserve any discounts. Children under 7 years old and seniors above 70 years will use public transport in Krakow for free. Also students with ISIC card have discount, and the ticket price is around 0,5 euro. Sounds affordable, isn’t it?

More Krakow attractions in September

It’s also worth to mention Pola Chwaly in Niepolomice.  It’s a big event near Krakow, gathering history lovers and re-constructors of all the past times. Reconstruction units are divided according to the epochs. They represent antiquity, medieval ages and modern history. Everyone can see uniforms, weapons and vehicles from the past.  In addition, you can take a picture in armor or try to use a bow… Most of all visitors will see Napoleon Bonaparte himself! Cannons will probably hurt your ears. Same like gunshots and firearms. And all those Krakow attractions are waiting for you in September! You can easily find a bus to Niepolomice from Krakow Main Station. This time it’s not a good idea to look for Krakow taxi. You can rather organize some private car which will take you there.

In conclusion  there will be not a lot of free time for you this Autumn, right?


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