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Folk Art Fair on Krakow Main Square

Folk Art Fair on Krakow Main Square

43-rd edition of Folk Fair Krakow

Between 8 and 25 August Krakow Main Square id full of pottery, lace-making, embroidery, weaving, statuary, glass-painting and many more. Numerous artist (over 200) from the whole country will showcase their original works of art. It’s not only great opportunity to buy a great local souvenir from Poland. The Folk Fair gives also a chance to familiarize with an amazing Polish folk art.

Polish folk art in KrakowPolish folk art - traditional music

Each edition of the Folk Fair has its motive. This year, event’s main motto is “Save the dying art”. Organizers decided to put emphasis on rescuing the forgotten heritage of Polish villages. That’s why local artist will try their best to charm each visitor with their works of art. In fact, Poland is extremely diverse country rich with inimitable Polish folk art and tradition. Don’t we forget about that!

To make this special event even better, numerous performers including dancers, singers and musician will come to Krakow as well. All of them will present traditional music and dance of their regions of Poland. However, there will also be some guests from Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Additionally,  between 23 and 25 of August, Krakow will host highlanders from the Carpathians Mountains. These men are a living tradition of amazing Polish folk art with their regional dresses, accent and quite specific behavior… Meet them yourself!

Polish folklore in Krakow

Polish folk art of food - oscypkiVisiting Krakow, one can be sure to familiarize with Polish folklore. Walking Krakow streets is enough to meet with the most characteristic local symbols, food and customs from Southern Poland. Traditional clothes, jewelry, hand-made wooden utensils decorate Krakow streets and attract visitors with their uniqueness.  Beside local souvenirs, we can also try regional snacks from – delicious symbols of Polish folklore villages.

In fact, the city lays only 90 km from Tatra mountains. That’s why there is a lot of Polish folk art from highlanders who brought their heritage into Krakow. Southern Poland is an amazing region, where an old tradition has survived till today.


Polish folk art on tours from Krakow

That’s why Zakopane city is very popular destination from Krakow. It takes only 1 h 30 minutes to get there from the city center. Zakopane is also called “winter capital” of Poland and simply abounds in Polish culture. It’s one of the most attractive tour from Krakow for visitors from around the world.

Traditional Polish Folk Dance

Zakopane Tour

Additionally,  if you wish to go on amazing journey through Polish folk art, we recommend Folk show Tour. Traditional Polish dinner in a wooden house outside the city. In addition, the tour is a chance to see professional performance of Polish dances.


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