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Discovering museums in Krakow hidden under the Main Square

Discovering museums in Krakow hidden under the Main Square

All the Krakow trips will finally lead you to the Main Square.While walking around the city center, admiring Sukiennice, Mariacki Church or Town Hall Tower you may not be aware, that  there is a museum just under your feet. Of course, there are many popular museums in Krakow. Probably you have seen big National Museum or Wawel Castle. But isn’t it worth to see something, which is not typical tourist attraction, but valuable history lesson? This touristic trail takes you to medieval underground of Krakow, just under the Main Square. It’s a unique chance to discover turbulent history of the city on the area of nearly 4000 m2. It leads you through stone and brick walls and  basements of old commercial buildings.  It proves tradition of European cultural exchange and trade that has been alive in here for centuries.

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Just enter the oldest mercantile brick building in Krakow! You will feel the atmosphere of medieval city thanks to interactive facilities, for example bustle of commercial transactions. In this archaeological park you will see cross- section of distant times. It’s a museum with intact in many places relics construction. It’s a museum with stone rutted roads recessed by the wheels of cars transporting goods in the times of King Ladislaus the Short. You will find there medieval tools , hygienic supplies, clay figurines, ornaments, Tatar’s arrowheads, coming from the East beads and medallions, antique coins, used more than 600 years ago and various items lost or deliberately left by visitors to this place in the old days. The creation of this interactive exhibition proves, that this place is not only interesting archaeological finds, but also electronic mapping objects, holograms, touch screens or 3D digital reconstructions.

Just in case your are not sure how to get here, you have Krakow tourist information near the main square. Just ask for almost untouched by time, underground medieval reservation of big piece of history. For sure you will find it on free map, which every  tourist information will offer you. 

Krakow trips in a horse carriage, around the Main Square.
Museums in Krakow are sometimes hidden underground. If you are walking around Main Square it’s worth to find them!
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