Cultural happenings in Krakow in September- interesting festival in Krakow
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Cultural happenings in Krakow in September

Cultural happenings in Krakow in September

September may be called a month of atypical events. Except for standard cultural happenings in Krakow there will be also some… Unusual ones.

Dachshunds festival in Krakow- parade reaches Main Square.
Dachshunds festival in Krakow is one of the cutest cultural happenings in Krakow . Parade reaches Main Square, where most parade Dachshund is chosen.

Firstly, let’s take a look on  Dachshunds March. The main attraction reaches around 30 cm tall, but proudly makes up with the length. Everything will happen September 11th. Dachshunds and their owners will start their 22th parade. Dogs are wearing colorful, gala clothes. The road leads them from Barbican to the Main Market Square.  They will go preceded by a brass band. March of Dachshunds is organized by Radio Krakow. In the end jury will choose most showy dachshund. It’s also an event for those, who don’t have a pet. You can watch those comic creatures in fancy clothes.  In addition, owners probably will let you caress them. Especially delighted will be children and all amateurs of  dogs. 

Another interesting festival in Krakow

Second untypical event is basically a Potato Fete. It’s called Male Najedzeni Fest! Po ziemniaki!  It’s a call to consume dishes from potatoes. All prepared in variety of different ways. Sweet and salty, boiled and baked… Based on polish and foreign recipes alike. 11.09.2016 is a date, when you definitely should check Stary Kleparz. It’s a market place, around 5-10 minutes walking from the Main Square. Just keep walking Slawkowska street. Wooden stands will be bending under delicious plates. It’s especially recommended for those, who think that potatoes may be just french fries.

Tattoo Jam Krakow is another festival in Krakow. Don’t think it’s just tattooists presenting their pieces of art. It’s a family event, where everyone is invited. You can expect concerts of rock, folk and metal bands. There will be also dancing performances. Daredevils can watch tattooing shows. And everything during first weekend of September. Seems like exciting event is coming!

Who doesn’t like pizza? 22.08 little Italian city will arise in  Plac Szczepanski.   It’s time for delicious, cultural happenings in Krakow! It’s just one minute walking from the Main Square. What can you expect? Delicious plates from different regions of Italy. Also workshops of making pizza and Italian song contest. While you will be tasting, expect italian folk performances. And Stefano Silvino, the winner of the Polish edition of  You Can Dance.  Don’t miss Viva Italia Festival!

In conclusion, everyone fill find festival in Krakow which suits their needs. Amateurs of  tattoos, piercings and rock concerts. Or  maybe  food festivals lovers. And, finally, fans of dachshunds in fancy clothes. Seems like September will satisfy them all! Cultural happenings in Krakow are the norm. But those events are a proof, that piercing or potatoes also deserve a fete, much as art. So, let’s celebrate !

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