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Cracovia Music Festival

Cracovia Music Festival

The beautiful architecture of Cracow makes it one of the greatest places in Europe to host music events inspiring both the guests and the performers. International music festivals are offering particularly rich experience as they are usually very diverse in cultures and music genres. One of the most favourite events of this type, Cracovia Music Festival, starts on the 28th of September.

Cracovia Music Festival – international stage for music enthusiasts

Cracovia Music Festival, also known as International choir and orchestra festival in Cracow, has its 13th edition this year. It is a wonderful opportunity to tap into the world of music and enjoy a variety of genres with a particular focus on orchestra music and choir singing. One of the most amazing facts about this celebration of music is its welcoming attitude to participants from all over the world so that as a visitor, you will be able to explore the art of other cultures.

There is no competition at Cracovia Music Festival. Its primary goal is to enjoy music in a friendly community of like-minded people.

When and where does Cracovia Music Festival take place?

As has already been mentioned, the event starts on September 28th, 2022, however, it is a festival lasting for four days, so you will be able to enjoy its concerts until October 2nd, 2022.

The exact locations for the concerts are yet to be announced by the host of the event. Last year, there were two stages hosting the festival’s participants. Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology was the location of the individual concerts of each of the festival orchestras and choir groups, whereas Saints Peter and Paul Church invited all of the participants to perform together during a single large concert. These locations have been commonly used for concert organisation during the history of Cracovia Music Festival, so the managers may choose them for the 12th festival edition as well.

How can you take part in the festival?

If choir singing is your passion, you might be interested not only in attending the concerts of Cracovia Music Festival as a listener but also in taking part in the event as a performer! To be able to participate in this festival, you do not have to be a professional artist as it is organised for amateur musicians.

The festival is very friendly, which also makes it is pretty busy. You should watch out for the deadline for applications and note that the number of participants is limited. For that reason, early booking is recommended.

The deadline for application for the 14th International choir and orchestra festival in Cracow is already known. You will be able to apply for participation until 15.07.2023.

Explore more music events in Cracow – last week of September

If you happen to be interested in visiting Cracovia Music Festival this year, you might be interested in attending another prominent festival held almost at the same time in Cracow. It is widely known Jazz Juniors 2022 that lasts for four days and also starts on the 28th of September. While the goal of this festival is to help young talented musicians with a passion for jazz to make their way to the world of professional music, the festival also presents performances of famous jazz players from all over the world.

In the meantime, you might also be willing to attend a traditional Polish music and dance performance organised as a part of a folk show tour. This tour is held on a weekly basis and one of its events happens on September, 29th. Thus, providing you are planning a stay in Cracow during this time, you have several music events to choose from or schedule your activities in the way allowing you to get a taste of each of them.

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