Concerts in Krakow - Juwenalia, events enriching nightlife in Krakow
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Concerts in Krakow- students celebrating Juwenalia

Concerts in Krakow- students celebrating Juwenalia


What are Juwenalia? Well, let’s shed some light on the most popular music event among students. This annual series of concerts in Krakow are organized by students. Seems like nightlife in Krakow in this period belongs to academics. Almost all the universities cancel the classes during those special days. Tradition reaches back to XVth century. It’s been student’s day once. All the undergraduates celebrated it. They also choose a king among themselves. Now they vote in the contest for the tittle of the nicest student. Consequently, the tradition is still alive. Maybe just a way of celebration changed a little. Another attraction is silent disco, which starts the event. 

Amazing, nightlife in Krakow for all music lovers

Every year president of the city officially gives the keys of the city to students. During this week you can see parade of masqueraders, sport and cultural events. First march was organized in 1964. Probably it’s the most eye- catching and colorful event. As you can see, University Jagiellonski keeps the traditions of the previous generations. Juwenalia are opportunity to participate in concerts of best polish and foreign music stars. Prices of the tickets are satisfying and the atmosphere is amazing. The days are officially free from lectures. All of the universities are organizing their own concerts. That’s how AWF has it’s AWFalia, Economic University has Ekonomalia and Faculty of Medicine has Medykalia.

It’s a special time, where many attractions are prepared not only for students. Those, who don’t like loud, crowded places will find other interesting events. What about Cinema Night, cabaret or Fashion Show? If you feel young, visit Krakow between 6-12.05 and you won’t regret. It’s an opportunity to participate in many concerts in Krakow, and to see popular music stars. Maybe even get an autograph? Most of all, it’s time to socialize and have fun. Therefore, let’s book the tickets!

Concerts in Krakow- students celebrating Juwenalia in the club.
Concerts in Krakow- Juwenalia are special time in students life.
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