Children's Day in Krakow - what to do with children in Krakow
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What to do with children in Krakow?

What to do with children in Krakow?

Children’s Day! Don’t forget about them in the first day of June. Doesn’t matter if they are small or big, it’s time to celebrate. Let’s check what to do with children in Krakow.

Visit Krakow with your beloved ones – ideas

  • First idea which comes to mind- Zoo. It’s one of Krakow attractions beloved by all children. You can walk around, admiring around 1300 creatures. Among them more than 100 is at risk of extinction. You can also watch feeding time, which is touching. Zoo is located near Wolski Coppice. Beautiful landscape makes it popular destination. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise? Walking around and then- zoo?
  • Symbol of Krakow- Wawelski Dragon. This breathing with fire beast attracts both young and old. You can find it near Wisla shore, under

Children’s day in Krakow – Parade of Dragons

Dragon Parade in Krakow Main Square

Wawel hill. Castle above is also good idea to show to your children. Impressive building, treasury, armory, royal chambers… And colorful royal gardens.
Since we are talking about dragons… Krakow has prepared wonderful weekend for children. Parade of Dragons became a tradition and spectacular event. You can expect Dragon’s Picnic ( of course near cave of Wawelski Dragon), show on Wisla river, fireworks and parade. It’s an amazing event which gathers both adults and children. Royal city never forgets about the youngest!

Krakow in summer especially for the youngest

  • Krakow in summer is full of events, especially on days like this. Expect workshops, performances, concerts, tastings and many, many attractions Krakow has to offer. Check shopping centers in Krakow: Solavy Park, CH Bonarka or Zakopianka. It’s open for everybody! Another idea is to check which museums are organizing time for our kids. It will be interesting lesson connected with a lot of fun.

Children’s Day in Krakow will be exciting for sure. Probably you are planning to show them most famous museums and churches while… The best idea is to leave them in the Main Square. If you were planning precisely what to do with children in Krakow- relax. Just take them to the market place. They will be delighted with mimes, masqueraders, levitating monks and dancers. What is more, they can feed the pigeons and watch horses with the carriages. For sure, if you visit Krakow with children, there will be no boredom.


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