Autumn sports in Krakow- active time in the city
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Autumn sports in Krakow- active time in the city

Autumn sports in Krakow- active time in the city

Let’s move a little! Would you like to do some  sports in Krakow? It doesn’t matter that it’s cold. Sport lovers will take advantage of low temperatures. What to do in Krakow, when temperatures are reaching 0 degrees?

  • Ice- skating. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have grace of the swan. You can quickly learn, at least slow sliding. Isn’t it wonderful to glide on the ice while breathing frosty air? And then drink warming tea or steaming mulled wine?  The most popular is Cracovia Stadion, Street Michala Siedleckiego 7. Another one you can find just in front of Galeria Krakowska. If you hope to have some more space check those on the streets Eisenberga 2 or Al. 3 maja in Park Jordana.
  • Trampolines. You can be sure that it will warm you up. Trampolines parks are giving you possibilities to jump to the pools with sponges,do a somersault, jump on  many trampolines… Doesn’t matter which temperature we have outside. Do you know that GoJump is the biggest place like this in Malopolska? What is more, it’s perfect idea for children looking for some interesting sports in Krakow to try.

 What to do in Krakow- activities ideas.

  • Sleigh ride. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! Do you prefer comfortable ride in big sledge or little thrill on the small ones? Whatever you choose, it will be exciting day! You can see beautiful landscapes, breathe fresh air in suburbs of Krakow. Check trips to Ojcowski National Park, where you can have sleigh ride. In the end you will have campfire and hot tea. In case there is not enough snow, you will ride in a cart. Seems like you will enjoy it during the winter, won’t you? 

  • Nordic walking. If you feel like running is not your thing- what about walking with sticks?  You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. What is more, you don’t have to pay, even if you do it all day! It’s also nice idea to spend time with friends.
  • Shooting range. Not fit enough to move too much? There are another sports in Krakow which does not demand you to be fit.  Try different kinds of guns, shoot all of the bullets. And check, how easily you get rid of the stress. Shooting range tours are popular birthday present or

So, now you have some ideas what to do in Krakow in Autumn.

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