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20th Pierogi Festival

20th Pierogi Festival

Looking for a unique way to dive into Polish culture? Or maybe you want to try some of our best cuisine while enjoying one of the most iconic sites in Krakow? Then come to the 20th Pierogi Festival! It’s the perfect event to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrating atmosphere and taste some local delicacies.

Pierogi – Polish Dumplings that Everybody Seems to Love

The 20th Pierogi Festival will take place from 11.08-15.08.2022. It’s a celebration of one of the most beloved dishes in Polish cuisine. Pierogi, which can be loosely translated as dumplings, is something that almost everybody in these parts of Europe enjoys. And for a good reason, too! For those who’ve never eaten it, pierogi is made of wrapped dough that can be filled with an incredible range of ingredients. 

Polish people eat it as an appetizer, the main course, and a dessert. Depending on your preference and imagination, you can make it both sweet and savory. The locals and tourists alike appreciate pierogi for its distinct taste and attractive looks. This dish is often served on important occasions – especially on Christmas – which is very interesting, considering that pierogi was once thought to be peasant food. 

What Can You Expect from the Polish Pierogi Festival?

The history of pierogi can be dated back as far as the 13th century. Supposedly, they were first made in 1238 in the town of Kościelec, as a thank-you to Saint Hyacinth, whose prayers saved the citizens from famine. Since then, pierogi has become one of the most iconic and famous dishes in Polish cuisine. They come in many different variations, often surprising both locals and foreigners with their unexpected flavor combinations. 

The 20th Pierogi Festival will focus on celebrating them all. Sweet, fruity, savory, meaty – it doesn’t matter. From August 11th till August 15th, every type of pierogi will be praised and brought to the local attention. The festivities will include tasting samples from 12 different restaurants and dumpling houses (in Polish: pierogarnia). There will be a lot of eating, learning about pierogi’s history and making, culinary competitions, as well as artistic performances.

Pierogi Festival – Amazing Cuisine in Beautiful Surroundings 

The 20th Pierogi Festival will take place in the Small Market Square. It is a very quaint and charming yard connected directly with the Main Square. In the Middle Ages, it used to be a place of trade, but today, tourists appreciate its beauty, excellent restaurants, and grand architecture. With many celebrations and festivals organized there, the Small Market Square is also considered the cultural heart of Krakow. That’s why it is the perfect location for the Pierogi Festival. Beautiful, vibrant, and full of colors – it’s a place like no other to enjoy amazing pieces of Polish cuisine. 

How to Prepare for the 20th Pierogi Festival?

The 20th Pierogi Festival is a celebration dedicated to food. You should prepare yourself for a lot of tasting and discovering new flavors. It’s advised to come with a not-so-full stomach and an open mind. Pierogi is not just a sample of Polish cuisine, but a part of Polish culture as well, therefore the entire festival deserves to be treated with respect. You should also bear in mind that the event is very popular among the locals and tourists alike. Depending on the weather and the time of the day, you can expect quite a big crowd – especially since the Pierogi Festival is held in the open air and admission is free of charge. It’s suitable for children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities. 

The 20th Pierogi Festival is a great opportunity to see Krakow from a different perspective. If you have some free time on your sightseeing agenda and are looking for a new, fun way to explore the city’s culture, this is the perfect event for you.

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