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Plaszow concentration camp tour with a professional guide

Visit Plaszow concentration camp (KL Plaszow) to find out about the tragic fate of Krakow Jews and discover one of the most important memorials in terms of Holocaust history in Poland. KL Plaszow was one of the biggest concentration camps set up by Nazi Germans in Poland. It is estimated that nearly 30,000 people were imprisoned there, and around 5 000 were killed.  It was created in 1942 in the Krakow suburb, on the grounds of two Jewish cemeteries, as a labour camp for Polish prisoners. Soon, it filled with Jews from the liquidated Krakow Jewish ghetto as well as from different ghettos that were being closed or destroyed across the country. In 1943 Germans set up an "educational" labour camp for Poles there, and in 1944 Krakow Plaszow was turned into a concentration camp. As the Soviets were approaching KL Plaszow in 1945, Germans dismantled the camp, and the prisoners were either murdered or sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.  Nowadays, we can pay a tribute to all victims of the camp by visiting several memorials in KL Plaszow and the area of the former Jewish ghetto. 

Our guided tour to Plaszow concentration camp takes approximately 3 hours. We offer door-to-door pickup and drop-off, a modern Mercedes Benz van or minibus and a friendly, English-speaking driver. Firstly, you’ll visit Ghetto Heroes Square, a central point of the former Krakow Jewish Ghetto and its most important memorial. You’ll meet with your local guide, who will introduce you to a tragic history of Poland during World War II, including information about Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler’s Factory. Then, you’ll see the remains of the Jewish ghetto wall that survived the liquidation. After exploring the former ghetto area, our driver will take you to the former concentration camp located in the Plaszow district.

You’ll see:

  • Grey House (former prison)
  • The former Jewish cemetery area
  • Former House of Amon Goth
  • Monument of Polish and Jewish victims
  • Photo exhibition where you will have a bigger picture of the Former Płaszów concentration camp

Your guide will also familiarize you with the story of one of the most infamous figures connected with the camp in Plaszow – commandant Amon Goeth, whose house stands in Plaszow to date.

After visiting, our driver will take you directly to your hotel in Krakow.

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